2009 Snow Fly

Well, a few of us made it into the air on this cold New Year’s Day!
Entry by Barry Perlus
Well, it was pretty cold, but the winds had died down. Doc and I got to the field at about 2:00 pm, and Doc made a path down the drive with his AWD Audi. Ron Branchini joined us about 15 minutes later. Doc flew his heli, taking off and landing from a (very) small sheet of plywood. Ron put in several flights with his .60 electric powered SebArt pattern plane. I took the Mini Pulse up a few times. Doc brought out his indoor foamy, but though the winds had calmed, they were still too much to risk flying it. I had my Alpha with the OS 81 four stroke, but was unable to get it to start. I’m told that four strokes don’t like the cold.

Meanwhile, Ray Coolbaugh, who had come out to the field at 1:00 pm, but couldn’t risk getting his Buick stuck in the snow, was now over at Taughannock Park testing a set of home made skis on his plane. Ray also flew his heli to complete his air time on this first day of 2009! Ray says ”I ground taxied through a tank of fuel trying out home made skis and a battery worth of hover time. It was very cold. My skis were not very stable but it was a powered sled.”